Ruby Lane in San Francisco, California - Absolutely unforgivable treatment of a customer

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Absolutely unforgivable treatment of a customer. I have never been treated so poorly or unfairly by a company as by Ruby Lane.

A serious customer service issue was ignored and left unresolved due to the unprofessional, uncaring, and unresponsive team of "customer service" (what a joke) reps at Ruby Lane. A terrible experience with this company and their website. They refused to communicate with me to address my concerns and grossly unfair treatment.

They treated me with utter disrespect, and in ignoring my request to dialogue with them, made it quite clear that they are content with the unjust, unfair, and ill-considered decisions their customer service reps make on the behalf of Ruby Lane. In seeking to speak with someone in a management position, my request was ignored.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Resolved: Ruby Lane - Worst place to sell and buy is Rubylane

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I had been a seller on Rubylane since 2008. I've always found them to be the most difficult to work with. There is no number to call and actually talk to a person which is ludicrous when dealing with the public and pricey items. They make insane money from sellers and a generic automated message is the best they can muster, ridiculous! The fees have increased from $54 to $69!! Which is again, so greedy!! I have a feeling it's to *** out small sellers and sellers with small shops will have no choice but to close.

The fact they "offer" to "manage your finances" by accepting payments on your behalf and then depositing them into your account gives them too much control over YOUR business, especially YOUR hard earned money.

The Advanced Image Processing is just another way to include a "listing fee" . The advanced picture processing is horrific making the pictures look like they're floating in midair, the resolution is too high and it does NNOT make the items look better, in fact, I've had several customers say it actually alters the appearance of the original item and not in a good way. A few have hesitated to buy based on this original picture.

the bottom line for this website is: It used to be good, actually very good, but as with all entities (ebay) the bottom line is money. There goes another venue that had its day and now will eventually decline. sellers will have to raise their item prices to meet the new fee so, keep your stuff and NO THANKS, I can search the web and find anything I'm looking for cheaper.

Feeling sorry for something that used to be a joy. See ya Ruby Lane, you suck now.

Reason of review: Greedy SOB's.

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I agree

Ruby Lane - Vintage Jewelry Review from Georgetown, Kentucky

Not resolved

This company delivered someone else's order to me by accident. I was willing to return it but they wanted me to send it to the other buyer and vice versa.

I was not comfortable with this as I wanted to ensure the return of my items. I asked that both parcels be sent directly to seller first and then when both items were received they would be resent by seller. In my case I had another order they were holding that I had already paid shipping of $7.50 for 4 small pieces of jewelry. I volunteered to hold off on having those items shipped with the returned items in order to save $ for the seller.

In the course of trying to convince the seller that my way was the safest way the seller became very angry. They said I was playing games and that I was to do things their way. I had bought numerous items from them in the past. Their service had always been top notch but now they said they wanted no further business with me.

All this because of a mistake they made. They also said that I need not worry if my items were not returned by the other buyrr as they would just refund me. No one collecting items wants to hear this especially when it is preventable. I felt I had been sent more valuable items so wss quite sure the other buyer would return mine to the dealer in order to get theirs back.

More angry and not so nice emails arrived . I tried to offer other suggestions and tried to calm them down but to no avail. Then there was the hint that they would not return my items at all and they would just refund including the four items they were still holding that had a larger $ value. At this point I contacted Rubylane.

This was Thurs and Friday I woke up to find a Paypal refund for both orders and an email from them informing me of it. I immediately refunded it back to them telling them I wanted the items not a refund. I again contacted Rubylane who initially said they would look at it on Mon. I received multiple threatening emails but told them to wait until we heard back from Rubylane.I was somewhat shocked when I received an email from Rubylane on Sat telling me I would have to settle for a refund gave me a deadline of Monday at noon to send tracking info on the returned parcels.

I thought this was ridiculous since I had done nothing wrong. The rest of the day continued with numerous emails from the seller asking me if I was returning the items. They now became "the self-appointed enforcers" of the deadline and stated that if I did not meet the deadline they would refund only some of my money because they would deduct the price of the other buyers items. I knew this was against Paypal's rules.

They also said they would sell my items and not return them to me. This included items they had not shipped out in error. I found this impossible as I had been informed that they did not have the items yet but they were in the mail. Still at this point I had not been sent a return shipping label or money via Paypal to pay for shipping never mind gas to the post office.

Originally they had mentioned refunding me after the fact but this was prio to their angry outbursts and I never agreed to it anyway. So having no shipping label I did not send it out. Immediately received more emails from the seller. At this point I dtopped even looking at them.

Rubylane emailed me and I told them the situation, asked them some questions and requested that they review the situation again. Now I know that Rubylane has no responsibility for this. I received a totally different email back. They stated that I was entitled to the items I paid for and suggested that the seller have the items picked up at each buyers home and then sent out from there to the rightful buyers.

However I pointed out that the other buyer had supposedly sent his to the seller already. Rubylane then told the seller to send allmy items to me with return shipping label to the other buyer. I would then send to buyer. The seller immediately sent an email stating that they had already resold MY items.

The next morning Rubylane sent out another email to the seller pointing out their lies and the fact that they had sold the items right in the middle of trying to work things out. I was given no refund onto my Paypal acct. So this is theft. Throughout all of this I have asked both Rubylane and the seller to send me information to send the items to the buyer but have not received it.

I would really like to return them so if you are reading this then please contact Rubylane. I have given them permission to give you my phone number.

I notice this morning that New England Treasures is still selling on Rubylane so tread lightly. They do not treat customers well.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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